Family Caregiver Marketing Toolkit

Bryn Ceman, OAA Consultant OAA Consultant
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Reaching out to the community to find and support caregivers is an important part of a Caregiver Coordinator’s job, but one of the biggest challenges in assisting family caregivers them. Many don't see themselves as caregivers, and some think they don’t need help. Others are simply too overwhelmed by the day to day tasks to take the time to seek out help.

Effective marketing tools are vitally important to reach those caregivers who need help. Use this toolkit to help you customize your message. It provides options for the different caregiving situations and different types of caregivers you encounter. Try these effective ways to reach caregivers:

  • Customize the articles or write your own for newsletters and local papers
  • Customize the brochures, posters and ads to distrubute to local businesses such as pharmacies, clinics, grocery stores, senior centers, etc.


Using the Templates

All templates are set up in Word so you can open and click on the box to insert your own contact information. 

Use the posters/ads templates in their current 8.5 x 11 size as posters to display in high-traffic areas or as display ads in local newsletters or newspapers. For smaller ads, drag the bottom right corner toward the top left to the size you need. Note, you'll have to also move the text box to fit your new size.

Newsletter articles should be personalized with your contact information. Revise as relevant to your county and services. Submit articles to your agency newsletter as well as those of partnering agencies and local newspapers.

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