Patrick Metz, Fiscal Manager
Cell (608) 228-8089, Fax (866) 782-6158

Cassandra Bragg, Accountant & Compliance Auditor
Office (608) 243-5678

Carrie Kroetz, Older Americans Act Consultant
Cell (608) 228-8085
Appointment Scheduler

Denise Kossen, Accountant
Office (608) 243-5676

Deb Smith, Accountant
Cell (608) 212-8444

Fiscal Training - New Claim Form 2021

GWAAR Fiscal Memo-2021-04-01-2021 New Claim Form and Reminders from Webinar

Completing and Submitting Monthly Contract Expense Reports 03-23-21

Check here whenever you receive a new or amended contract. We will post the revised claim form above as soon as we send the contracts.

Contact us with your questions about funding and grants. We can help with answers to questions like:

  • What is the term of the grant?
  • What qualifies as an allowable expense for this grant?
  • What is the deadline for claims for this grant?