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Data Management

Carrie Kroetz, Older Americans Act Consultant
Cell (608) 228-8085
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Your data management system, SAMS/SAMSIR (Social Assistance Management System/Social Assistance Management System Information and Referral), is a comprehensive consumer database serving Wisconsin’s county and tribal aging units.

SAMS also provides state and federal reporting requirements.

You can get technical assistance for things like:
• How to I order an account?
• How do I enter client data into the system?
• How do I run a report?

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SAMS/SAMSIR Ordering Information

To order new or modify existing accounts, contact Carrie Kroetz.

Please include:

  • Account Type: New, modify, or cancel
  • User's Name
  • User's Email Address
  • User's Phone Number
  • Program(s) to use: SAMS for aging, SAMS for ADRC, SAMS EBS