Elder Benefit Specialists Services

You know many programs and services are available to help older people, but often those who need them don’t know they exist. These programs can be complex, making it difficult for older people to use them. Wisconsin's Elder Benefit Specialists (EBSs) help bridge that gap with counseling, assistance, and advocacy to people who are 60 or older about a variety of subjects including:

  • Public benefits
  • Health insurance
  • Consumer law

EBS staff stay current on changing guidelines and policies with support from GWAAR's Benefit Specialist Supervising Attorneys (BSSAs) who provide ongoing training and support in 65 Wisconsin counties.

We can help you find answers to questions like:

  • Where are the EBS training materials?
  • Can I get consumer publications on spousal impoverishment?
  • Is there a resource for guardianship support center consumer publications & newsletters?

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