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Many nutrition education and activity programs provide new information monthly. To help keep your site searches manageable we may remove older files from the web site. If you don't see what you need, please contact Pam VanKampen, Jean Lynch or Lori Fernandez to get older files.

Please note: Eat Well, Age Well and Eat Well, Care Well materials may by reproduced for non-commercial purposes with source attribution retained as noted on individual pieces.

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Beneficial Bites Monthly nutrition education categorized by food topic. Each month contains a newsletter article, Home-delivered meal insert, recipe cards, interactive activity/presentation, table tent, and word search or crossword puzzle.

Cooking Demonstration Videos Short (~5 min) videos highlighting nutrient-dense, simple recipes. 

Eat Well, Age Well 2024 

Eat Well, Age Well Archive 

Monthly nutrition education categorized by health topic. Each month contains a monthly handout, weekly challenges tracking calendar, four placemats and four table tents.

Eat Well, Care Well Monthly nutrition education designed for caregivers. Features a two-page handout with weekly challenges and simple, nutritious recipes.


A guide to taking small steps to help strengthen or develop a foundation of nutrition awareness.

Stepping Up Your Nutrition (SUYN)

Stepping Up Your Nutrition classes can help participants better understand their risk and can provide practical tips to improve nutrition and hydration status, and reduce risk of falls.