National Family Caregiver Support Program

Bryn Ceman OAA Consultant
Cell (608) 228-8096

The purpose of the National Family Caregiver Support Program (NFCSP) is to assist families and other informal caregivers in caring for loved ones at home for as long as possible. Research shows that caregivers experience high levels of emotional, physical, and financial stress which often leads to diminished health of the caregiver.

NFCSP funds are given to each county for developing programs and services to support caregivers. A range of services and support should be offered to caregivers and must include the following Five Core Areas:

  1. Information to caregivers about available services
  2. Assistance to caregivers in gaining access to the services
  3. Individual counseling, organization of support groups, and caregiver training
  4. Respite care
  5. Supplemental services, on a limited basis

Funds and programs from the National Family Caregiver Support Program are intended to assist caregivers. By nature, the services will in turn improve the life of the care receiver, but the main focus of the NFCSP is to support caregivers.

NFCSP was established in 2000 as an amendment to the Older Americans Act of 1965. Learn more about the NFCSP on the Administration on Aging website. The website provides a variety of tools, resources, and ideas to assist counties in meeting the core requirements.

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