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Funding Trends in Aging Program Services

Aging programs and services are exploring new funding opportunities because funding remains flat while the number of older adults continues to grow. Health care providers and other community-based organizations may provide funding because they recognize the value of the expert professionals at local ADRCs and aging units. They know research proves aging programs and services improve health outcomes—an important measure for these organizations.

Develop Additional Revenue Sources

Get support for developing new funding sources from our team of specialists for things like:
• Finding new funding opportunities
• Help with initial contact
• Financial negotiations
• Service delivery

We want to help you develop successful, integrated solutions to meet your communities’ needs.

Collaborative Programs and Services

Governments, agencies, non-profits, and local providers serving Wisconsin’s aging population already collaborate with aging units and ADRCs, providing new revenue sources. GWAAR works closely with key partners statewide to ensure consistent communication and smooth implementation of this new approach.

Next Steps for Additional Revenue

As successful public-private partnerships form at local, state, and national levels, national and state organizations are researching opportunities and challenges of this approach, including:
• Return on investment
• Program evaluation
• Engagement process

Contact our Business Development Center to connect your ADRC, aging unit,or tribal services to new revenue opportunities. Find out how GWAAR can help you support your mission and meet your community’s needs with new revenue opportunities.