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Issues and Initiatives

Advocacy represents the strategies devised, actions taken, and solutions proposed to influence decision-making at the local, state, and federal level to create positive change for people and their environment.

Sometimes the most difficult part of advocacy is just knowing where to start. Everyone needs to be involved and a single voice is a powerful tool. Being a successful advocate requires more than the occasional phone call or letter. Your legislators and policy makers are real people so work to create a lasting relationship with them. 

It only takes one person to initiate change and everyone has the ability to impact how a legislator feels about an issue. It takes just a few moments to have meaningful interaction with an elected official and to begin to build a long-lasting rapport with that person and their office staff.

The following are GWAAR's advocacy issues and initiatives.

All Programs

2015-2017 Governor's Budget ADPAW & GWAAR's Summary of Proposed Changes Related to Aging (&Disability) Programs and Talking Points
2014-2015 GWAAR Legislative Platform and Policy Priorities
January 2015
Legislative Alert: U.S. Senate Appropriations Committee Proposed Elimination of SHIP
Legislative Alert: U.S. Senate Appropriations Committee Proposal Cuts SCSEP Funding
Impact of Sequestration August 2013
Testimony on Alzheimer's and Dementia Nov. 2015

Elderly Nutrition Program Advocacy

Administration on Aging Elderly Nutrition Program Fact Sheet
WI Association of Nutrition Directors' Letter to Legislators

WI Elderly Nutrition Program Issue Paper - 2011

Family Care Redesign

Assembly Aging and Long-Term Care Committee Testimony Re: LTC Redesign Changes Nov. 2015
GWAAR Comments on DHS's Family Care and IRIS 2.0 Concept Plan
Adult Long-Term Care System July 2016

The Wisconsin Long-Term Care Coalition is made up of aging and disability advocates, managed care organizations, aging and disability resource centers, county government, and long-term care providers.

SeniorCare Prescription Drug Program

WAAN SeniorCare Issue Brief July 2016

Transportation Advocacy

2015-2017 Budget Transportation and Mobility Informational Testimony
Filing a Complaint About Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) Jan. 2016
GWAAR Letter to Sen. Petrowski Re: SB480 - Driver Licensing for People Over 75

Specialized Transportation White Paper
Jan. 2014
Testimony on Audit Report 15-4 Non Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) Sept. 2015
      Janet Zander | Carrie Porter

Voting in Wisconsin

Find resources to engage, educate, and mobilize voters on this one-page flyer.

Advocacy Toolkit - Election 2016 National Council on Aging
This toolkit includes questions to ask candidates about long-term care, Medicare, Social Security, and other senior issues and tips for engaging elected officials.

NonprofitVOTE is a nonpartisan resource for up-to-date information on state elections. Find state specific information and use the voter engagement resource library to help you provide voter education and encourage voter participation.