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Jayne Mullins, OAA Consultant
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Take advantage of these resources to better serve all members of your communities. Most LGBT (lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, and transgender) older adults have experienced various forms of discrimination during their lives and may be reluctant to openly identify themselves as LGBT when they need help. They may have limited assistance and support from biological family members.

“Individuals isolated due to sexual orientation or gender identity” are among those considered to have the greatest social need. The federal Administration for Community Living—which works to keep older adults living as independently as possible—recently concluded that LGBT older adults need targeted services outreach.

Find information to help with questions like:

  • Where can I get training for my staff to improve our services to LGBT community members?
  • What local, state-wide, or national organizations offer information and other services to older individuals who identify as LGBT?
  • What is PFLAG?


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