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ship-logo2Medicare Training Resources for Wisconsin

Wisconsin has some unique features when it comes to health insurance benefits for Medicare beneficiaries. Our standardized Medicare Supplement Policies with Wisconsin-mandated benefits, and SeniorCare—the creditable coverage alternative to Part D—are two variations that make Wisconsin-specific trainings for professionals worthwhile.

Thanks to various partners in the Wisconsin SHIP (State Health Insurance Assistance Program) for the following resources.

Training Resources and Materials

Medicare Advantage Plan Training for 2016 AEP November 2015

Medicare Options

Medicare Summary Notice Changes

Plan Finder Training Scenarios 

Other Important Trainings

The Center for Benefits Access hots monthy webinars for benefits counselors. These webinars are recorded and can be found at the NCBOE Website.

Saturday, 18 November 2017


The Greater Wisconsin Agency on Aging Resources, Inc., is a nonprofit agency committed to supporting the successful delivery of aging programs and services in 70 counties and 11 tribes in Wisconsin. We provide aging lead agencies in our service area with training, technical assistance, and advocacy to ensure the availability and quality of programs and services to meet the changing needs of older people in Wisconsin.

GWAAR supports and upholds the principles outlined in the Wisconsin aging network's common identity.

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GWaar - collaboratively working to improve the quality of the systems and services that support Wisconsin seniors.

We honor and celebrate Wisconsin’s tradition of excellence in providing outstanding programs and services for older people.