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Family Caregiver Supportcaregiving_women

Taking care of a friend or family member when they are unable to care for themselves can be difficult—particularly when you don’t know where to turn for help. The National Family Caregiver Support Program in Wisconsin offers information, support, and resources to help caregivers better care for their loved ones—and themselves. Located in every county and tribe in Wisconsin, the Family Caregiver Support Program helps caregivers find solutions to their caregiving challenges and dilemmas. Whether arranging for services (e.g., respite care, transportation, etc.) or helping families understand their options for care, the Family Caregiver Support Program gives caregivers and their families access to the information and services that can help them in the often rewarding—sometimes challenging—role of caregiver.

Program assistance is available to family caregivers (family members, friends) who care for

  • Persons aged 60 and over.
  • Individuals with Alzheimer's disease and related disorders regardless of age.

The program also assists grandparents or relative caregivers 55 years of age and older who care for children under age 19, or care for a relative with a disability who is 19 to 59 years of age.

The Wisconsin Association of Area Agencies on Aging has created a Website designed specifically for Wisconsin family caregivers. It can direct you to the family caregiver support program resources in every county and tribe in the state as well as provide information and resources to help family caregivers cope with the challenges of caregiving. Check it out at wisconsincaregiver.org.

Creating a Caregiving Team (Share The Care)

  • Are you concerned about the health and safety of your aging parents?
  • Do you have a friend with an illness that needs help?
  • Is your spouse afflicted with a chronic illness that limits their functional ability?

If so, Share The Care might be a solution for you. Based on natural social supports—friends, family, co-workers, faith community, business associates—or anyone who has ever asked, “How can I help?”, the Share The Care model of support shows you how to create a caregiver team so no one person has to do it all alone.