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Driver Training Toolkit

This toolkit of resources and activities will help aging unit/ADRC directors manage their escort drivers and home-delivered meal drivers - paid or volunteer. The Transportation, Nutrition, and Volunteerism Teams of GWAAR collaborated on this project in order to provide directors with some of the best resources related to managing all aspects of volunteer and paid driver activities. Many of the resources are links to some of the best websites we’ve chosen.

Toolkit Overview Webinar Recording: 1-30-14

Purpose of the Toolkit

This toolkit was developed for aging unit/ADRC directors to assure a level of consistency of information shared locally as they train their paid and volunteer drivers. By using the materials in this toolkit, directors will be able to feel comfortable in the knowledge that their drivers have received adequate training—before they provide services to the citizens of their communities as well as during their time with their agency.

Training Checklist

This checklist will ensure you are completing the necessary administrative procedures in hiring a volunteer or paid driver, but also recording trainings the driver has completed. Using your personalized checklist may help you keep track of training modules completed, retain a record of training information addressed for each personnel file, etc. The resources for each module are provided in greater detail in the following pages.

Training Calendar Template


Programmatic Aspects of Recruiting Volunteer Drivers new page
This module addresses the various prerequisites and key information that must be considered related to your volunteer driver programs. Sample forms and guidelines are included.

Emergency Preparedness for Organizations Related to Transportation Programs new page
Transportation providers play a key role in transporting people with special needs during an emergency. This module provides information to help properly educate and prepare drivers in the event of an emergency.

Road & Vehicle Safety new page
This module provides information related to safe driving, navigating a variety of driving situations and conditions, as well as information to help assure the safety of personal vehicles used by volunteer drivers.

Passenger Safety & Assistance new page
This module addresses information that will help ensure drivers perform their duties to the very best of their abilities and demonstrate integrity, honesty and ethical behavior. It contains information to help educate the drivers about various issues related to safety both for themselves and their passengers.

For Home-Delivered Meal Drivers new page
This module addresses information specific to volunteers and other drivers responsible for delivering meals. Information related to food safety, proper sanitation and handling of meals, use of thermometers and meal bags, procedures for meal delivery at participants’ homes, etc., is included in this module.

Free or Low-Cost Resources new page