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Support Group Toolkit

Facilitating a support group requires patience, fortitude, and creativity. Below you will find helpful tools to get you started and keep you going as you work with caregivers in a group setting. Under the heading Toolkit Support Documents you will find various documents to assist in the facilitation of your support group. Creating an Effective Support Group guides you through the preparation stages of starting a support group and also covers meeting format and how to handle challenging situations during the group meeting. Support Group Topics is a list of topics, possible speakers, handouts, and where to find the handouts. You will also find a separate list of possible speakers for a Grandparents and Relative Caregivers (GRC) support group and an example of Support Group Guidelines.

The remaining headings are individual topics that can be covered at your support group meetings.  Each heading contains handouts on the topic well as a customizable postcard which can be sent to members explaining the topic to be discussed. The handouts can be given to attendees and/or placed in your newsletters as an article on caregiving. Good luck as you work with caregivers in this important and effective way!


Toolkit Support Documents | Age-Related Issues & Driving | Becoming a Resilient Caregiver | Caregiver Bill of Rights | Caregiver Burnout | Communication is Key | Coping w/Caregiving Emotions | Dealing w/Depression | Diffusing Family Conflict | Fitting in Fitness | Getting Through the Holidays | Moving Toward LTC | Music Can Improve Quality of Life | Summer Travel Tips | 10 Tips for Family Caregivers | 10 Tips for Nutritious Eating

Toolkit Support Documents

Creating an Effective Support Group
GRG Support Group List of Speakers
Support Group Guidelines
Support Group Topics

Age-Related Issues and Driving

At the Crossroads
Be Safe, Not Sorry
Driving With a Disability
Driving With a Medical Condition
Driving Postcard

Becoming a Resilient Caregiver

Resilience: A Helpful Tool for Caregivers
Resiliency Postcard

Caregiver Bill of Rights

Caregiver Bill of Rights
Caregiver's Bill of Rights Bookmark
Caregivers Have Rights Too!
Bill of Rights Postcard

Caregiver Burnout

How Can I Manage Stress?
Recognize Caregiver Burnout
Caregiver Burnout Postcard

Communication is Key

Communication Tips and Hearing Loss
Tips for Improving Communication
Communication Postcard

Coping With Caregiving Emotions

Caregiver Guilt
The Caregiving Rollercoaster
Myths and Facts About Grief
Caregiving Emotions Postcard

Dealing With Depression

Don't Overlook Depression
Geriatric Depression Scale
Depression Postcard

Diffusing Family Conflict

Tips for Diffusing Family Conflict
Family Conflict Postcard

Fitting in Fitness

Fitting in Fitness
Fitness Postcard

Getting Through the Holidays

Reducing Holiday Stress
Holidays Postcard

Moving Toward Long-Term Care

CMS: Your Guide to Choosing a Nursing Home
Is it Time for Long-Term Placement?

Long-Term Care Postcard

Music Can Improve Quality of Life

Music Can Enhance Your Life
Using Music to Improve Quality of Life
Music Postcard

Summer Travel Tips

Traveling Tips for Caregivers
Summer Travel Postcard

Ten Tips for Family Caregivers

10 Tips for Family Caregivers
10 Tips Postcard
10 Tips Worksheet

Tips for Nutritious Eating

Diet and Nutrition Tips for Caregivers
Tips for Nutrition When Caring for Someone With Dementia
Nutritious Eating Postcard

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