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Education Materials & Handouts

ADRC-CW Food Temperature Log Monday-Friday
Barron County Kitchen Meal Site Report Form
Basic Food Safety Tips for Exempt Groups
Checking Food Product Temperatures
Date Marking of Potentially Hazardous, Ready-to-Eat Foods

Date Marking of Potentially Hazardous, Ready-to-Eat Foods – Chart Supplement
Driver Temperature Testing

Employee Hygiene
Food Prep and Handling
Food Safety for Older Adults
Food Safety Protocol for WNEP Food Preparation and Demonstrations

Food Safety Video Links and Web Resources
Food Safety – The Fork Stops Here
Food Safety "The Fork Stops Here" Presentation
Food Temperature Log

Hair Restraints Flyer
Hand Sanitizers Flyer
Hand Washing Flyer
Handouts for Consumers From USDA: Food Safety and Inspections
HDM Significant Events Requiring Assistance Template
HDM Test Meal Temperature Record Sheet
How to Keep Hot Foods Hot and Cold Foods Cold
MOWAA Food Safety Presentation
Non-Bare Hand Contact with Ready-to-Eat Foods

Pierce Food Temperatures and Sanitation Letter
Pierce Sanitation Procedures
Preparing and Holding Potentially Hazardous Foods
Sink Dishwashing Poster

Temperature and Cleaning Pocket Reference
Temperature Log for Fridges and Freezers
Thawing, Cooking, Holding, Cooling
Thermometer Calibration Fact Sheet

Thermometer Calibration Record and Comment Form
Thermometers With Wrenches
Using Disposable Gloves
USDA Food Safety and Inspection Service: Foods in the Freezer
Wash Hands Poster – English
Wash Hands Poster – Hmong
Wash Hands Poster – Spanish
Washing and Sanitizing Food Contact Surfaces
Washburn County Reheating Instructions Labels

When Serving a Highly-Susceptible Population